Elections 2020

The CIPR Returning Officer, Martin Turner Found.Chart.PR, MCIPR, has declared the result of the CIPR Election 2020 with the following statement: 

As Returning Officer, I can confirm that the CIPR elections 2020, for offices commencing 2021, are now completed and that there are no outstanding matters to be resolved. I should like to thank the election provider Mi-Voice for their diligence, and colleagues at CIPR for their assistance. 

I can now proceed to the announcement of the results. 

7,478 votes were issued, and 865 individuals voted, giving a turnout of 11.6%. The voting method was the Single Transferable Vote (STV), as set out in the Regulations. 

The results of the contested elections are as follows: 


Rachel Roberts - elected with 484 votes

Peter Holt - runner up with 366 votes

Council 2021-23

Sector Groups List

Katie Marlow — elected 
Kerry Sheehan — elected 
Donna Castle — elected 
Alison Tobin — elected 
Jonathan Baggs — elected 
Abha Thakor — elected 
Fiona Hatton — elected 
Dan Gerrella — elected 
Vernon Hunte — runner up 

UK Nations and Regions List

Lesley Brydon, nominated by the Scotland Group committee – elected unopposed

John Wilkinson — elected 
Lisa Davies — runner up  

Northern Ireland
Rachel Burgoyne nominated by the Northern Ireland Group committee – elected unopposed

English Regions  

Nicola Brown, nominated by the Greater London Group committee – elected unopposed
Deb Sharratt, nominated by the North East Group committee – elected unopposed

Open List

Shirley Collyer 
David Hamilton 
Claire Melia-Tompkins 
Naj Modak 
Dominic Ridley-Moy 
Naomi Smith 

Complaints and appeals. 

The window for complaints or appeals regarding the election period was 48 hours from the close of voting on 16 October at 17:00. No further matters can be considered. Candidates wishing to review the electoral count may apply to the Returning Officer for the specifics. There is a 48-hour window for appeals relating to the count and the announcement of the results. No matters from previous phases of the election can be considered.