CIPR Election nominations now open

Thank you for considering putting yourself forward for election to the new CIPR Council (2021-22) or as our 2022 President. 

The regulations under which these elections will be held have recently been updated and can be read here (pdf). Anyone considering standing as a candidate, or intending to publicly support a candidate, must read these regulations in order to be clear about how and when campaigning is allowed.

Candidates for the position of President-Elect are also required to abide by this policy on Board conflicts of interest (pdf).

Council normally meets four times each year. Currently meetings are held on Zoom though it is likely that next year, one or more may be held in person.

The President-Elect serves a three-year term on the CIPR Board, first as President-Elect for a year, then as President for a year, and finally as Immediate Past President for a year. The President chairs meetings of Board and Council and leads the Institute during their term of office.

The CIPR has adopted a five-year strategy. All Council members are expected to contribute actively towards its delivery. 

Information about the roles available can be found below:

CIPR President (including year as President-Elect) – role description (pdf)
CIPR Council member – role description (pdf)
Nolan Principles of Public Life (pdf)

To begin seeking nominations, please download and complete the forms provided below:

Nomination form Council member (Word doc)
Nomination form President (Word doc)

If you are a member with the grades MCIPR, FCIPR or Hon FCIPR, you may use the forms above to nominate candidates to serve on Council or as President-Elect.  The committees of CIPR Groups may nominate candidates for Council using a separate procedure. For details of this please email CIPR's Chief Exectutive, Alastair McCapra, on

For an informal private discussion about the role of a Council member or of President-Elect, contact one of the current office holders or Chief Executive, Alastair McCapra.

2020 Election Timetable

Tuesday 1 September – the nomination period opens. On this date the nomination forms are published and candidates can begin seeking the nominations they require to stand.

Wednesday 30 September – the nomination period ends. There is then a verification period for the Returning Officer to check that all the nominations are valid.

Friday 2 October – voting opens. Voting will be online or by phone. During the voting period candidates may campaign within the rules. The CIPR will host one Zoom call for each candidate standing to become President-Elect, where members can talk to them about their plans. These calls will be held on the evening of Monday 5 October in alphabetical order by candidate surname. If there is not sufficient time to have a meeting for all candidates on a single evening, meetings will continue on the evening of Tuesday 6 October.

Friday 16 October – voting closes. There is a brief period to allow for any appeals.

Monday 19 October – the results of the election will be announced.

If you have any questions about the conduct of the election, please email the Returning Officer, Martin Turner.