Convened for the first time in 2020, the CIPR Knowledge Panel is made up of ten practitioners tasked with developing a fresh approach to what knowledge and CPD will look like in the future.

Keep an eye on this page as there will be more on this in the new year ahead of a new CPD cycle.  In the meantime, their focus is on bringing consistency and transparency to CPD point allocations.  This will be in place for the next six months and the criteria is shaped by the quality of the materials; the quality of the speaker; the time a member will need to take to complete the activity; and whether the activity is simply regionally relevant or has a focus on professionalism.

All new CPD material will be judged on its individual merits against pre-determined criteria set by the Knowledge Panel. The Knowledge Panel will decide whether the new material is included and if so, how many CPD points are assigned. Custom activities will continue to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Membership & CPD team and the Knowledge Panel look forward to working with CIPR members in ensuring that the CIPR remains at the forefront of continuing learning and development.

Panel members

  • Sarah Roberts-Bowman – Chair

  • Naomi Maria Gloria Smith – Vice Chair

  • Aimee Postle

  • Charlotte Dimond

  • Divya Kota

  • Kerry Sheehan

  • Melanie Agland

  • Nichole Culverwell

  • Robert Hammond

  • Sheena Thomson

SUggest a cpd activity for the database

You can suggest new CPD activities for us to list by completing this form. All suggestions will be reviewed by the Knowledge Panel. 


Members have exclusive access to the CIPR CPD programme. If you are not yet a member you can join online here.

For help with CPD, please contact:

CIPR Membership & CPD Team


0207 631 6900 (Option 1)