AI in PR: 2019 activities

The #AIinPR Panel achieved outstanding success throughout 2019, further raising its profile across the UK and world and being recognised and endorsed by global PR industry bodies as well as businesses, organisations and brands. 

In addition, the #AIinPR Panel was a highly commended award finalist at the MemCom Awards for its Skills Wheel, as featured in its globally acclaimed research report - Humans still needed

•    The world exclusive AI in the Professions research report exploring the application of AI to the professions based on a literature and contemporary paper review, highlighted PR is 'Sleepwalking into AI'. This report was supported by The Alan Turing Institute, the Confederation of British Industries and the Chartered Institute of Marketing
•    The launch of the #AIinPR tool stack - an international network of third-party sources to improve AI knowledge and expertise among CIPR members
•    A series of guides on the application of AI in PR and the media
•    Support for CIPR regional and sector groups, and overseas PR bodies, with speakers, content and advice and guidance on #AIinPR

AI in pr: 2018 activities

In 2018, the panel published its exclusive and world-leading Humans still needed 'research report and led #AIinPR events across all of the UK nations.