Live video streaming

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Course aim
Live streaming is one of the most powerful ways to connect with an audience and build a following on social media. According to Facebook, live streamed videos get ten times more comments than recorded videos and six times more engagement.  To be successful with live streaming you just need a little bit of technical knowledge together with the right strategies.  In this training you will learn why it is essential that live streaming is part of your PR and Marketing strategies, how to create more professional-looking streams and how to get more people to watch them.

Whether you want to go live from your smartphone or with more advanced equipment, with this training you can soon be creating regular, quality live streams. These can grow your social media audience and help you become even more effective in sharing your message.  

Who should attend?
Communications and digital content operatives who want to cover events or build a social media presence using live streaming. No prior experience is required.

What to expect?

  • Understanding of why streaming is so important and how to integrate it into your strategy
  • Plenty of hands-on practice – creating live streams with your phone into a private group.
  • Technical tips to give you a professional result even if you are just using your smartphone
  • Interactive learning with expert tutor support

Course objectives
Participation in the course will give you the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understanding why you need to be using live streaming
  • Types of streaming, from broadcast to social media
  • How the various social media platforms differ
  • The basics of going live
  • Choosing which topics work as a live stream
  • How to make it look and sound professional
  • How to get more audience engagement during your stream
  • Conducting live interviews
  • Tactics to promote your stream before, during and afterwards
  • Ethics and moderation
  • Multi-camera and graphics

NOTE: This course does refer to apps such as OBS Studio, Ecamm, Streamyard etc on the live-streaming courses, but the main focus of the course is about getting audience engagement and being strategic, rather than the tech.
10/12/2021 09:30 - 13:00

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