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Course Aim
On this half day course you’ll look at how to transform your communications by sharing powerful stories that propel people to take action and achieve business objectives. 

Telling a story means framing your message to maximise emotional engagement, focusing on aspects such as character, conflict, obstacles, and solutions, rather than simply conveying the dry facts.

Reframing your message in this way can elevate your communication, gaining attention and goodwill from key stakeholders, and opening doors to further dialogue. 

Who should attend
This course will be useful for anyone involved in content creation, specifically video creation, podcasting, social media, or longer from writing.  It is suitable for beginners or for those wanting to take their writing and communications to the next level.

What to expect

  • A chance to discuss corporate storytelling case studies
  • An insight into the psychology, structures and art of storytelling
  • Practical tips on applying storytelling models to video, podcasts, press releases, and social media.
  • The opportunity to discuss and improve an existing piece of work.

Course objectives
Participation in this course will help you:

  • identify the stories within your organisation
  • tell the same story in multiple ways
  • increase audience engagement
  • implement storytelling in your communications strategy
  • measure the success of your stories
  • apply storytelling techniques to a variety of mediums - video, podcasts, press release, social media
18/02/2022 09:30 - 13:00

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