CIPR Election 2022

Would you like to stand for the 2023 - 2024 CIPR Council?
The current CIPR Council reaches the end of its term in December this year, and we are now calling for nominations for volunteers who would like to serve on the Jan 2023- Dec 24 Council that will replace it.  
The CIPR Council is a key body of people elected by our members to represent their views and ensure that the CIPR is managed in their interests. 

Who is eligible?
Any full Member or Fellow in good standing. We welcome candidates from under-represented groups such as people with disabilities, people from black and minority ethnic groups, those at the early career stage, and people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

What does Council do?
The new Council members will take their seats at the start of our 75th anniversary year, and we want to use that year to think about our future as well as reflect on our past.
Some of the debates you will be involved in are:

  • the future strategy for CIPR (2024-2029); 
  • questions, issues and ideas raised in our member surveys and by Council members; 
  • how does CIPR become even more diverse and representative, including in the way members elect Council in future (2024 onwards); 
  • how does CIPR best structure itself to grow its membership and training businesses both within the UK and to meet the needs of global practitioners; and 
  • what future PR trends should CIPR engage with (and when) to meet the needs of newer practitioners;
As Council members, there will also be opportunities to serve on other CIPR committees including Finance, Professional Practices (the ethics committee) and Co-ordination (which manages the CIPR work plan). 

How often does Council meet?
Quarterly. From 2023, Council will only meet virtually to make it easier for some members to attend and to provide greater accessibility tools for those who require them.  

What do I need to do to apply for Council?
You can seek the support of one of our member Groups (form below) or you can stand on your own on the Open List (form below). 

How Council is elected 

Members vote online or by phone, choosing candidates from a number of different lists:

  • 8 seats – Open List. Any full member may stand for election. All voting members vote on this list.
  • 8 seats – Sector Groups List. Any full member nominated by the committee of one of the CIPR’s sector Groups may stand for election. All full members vote on this list.
  • 5 seats – English Regional Groups List. Any full member nominated by the committee of one of the CIPR’s English Regional Groups may stand for election. Full members in England only may vote on this list.
  • 3 seats – Scotland, Wales and Northern Irelands Group Lists. Any full member nominated by the committee of the CIPR’s Scotland, Wales Groups may stand for election. Only full members in reach respective nation only may vote on this list.
  • 3 seats – the President-Elect, elected by all voting members, as well as the current CIPR President and Immediate Past President, who were elected in previous years.

Forms with the scanned signatures of nominators must be returned between 0900 on Thursday 1st September and 1700 on Thursday 22nd September 2022 to the Returning Officer at
Receipt will be acknowledged by email to the members making the nominations.

If you have any questions about the conduct of the election, please contact the Returning Officer, Martin Turner, at

As well as choosing a new Council, members will elect a President-Elect for 2023, who will become President in 2024. 

You can find information about the roles and nomination forms below:

Information on the CIPR's Election regulations is available under CIPR’s Governance section
Governance (


CIPR 2022 Elections Timetable

Thursday 21 July, AGM evening
Elections nomination forms are available on the CIPR website.
Thursday 1 September
Nomination period opens. Completed nomination forms may be submitted to the Returning Officer from this date.

Thursday 15 September
Nomination period ends.
Wednesday 21 September, evening (TBC - Provisional)
Hustings session – candidates for the role of President-Elect will answer questions and explain why they feel best positioned to serve as CIPR President.
Thursday 22 September, 9am
Voting opens, online or by phone.

Thursday 6 October, 5pm
Voting closes.
Monday 10 October
The results of the election will be announced. 
Sunday 1 January 2023
The new Council and the new President-Elect take up their posts.