We are the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. We are the world's only Royal Chartered professional body for public relations practitioners, with nearly 11,000 members.

Our members are recognised PR professionals. We work with and for them to set, maintain and advance standards. We do this through our industry respected qualifications; our Continuing Professional Development scheme, Accreditation and Chartership programmes; our open, in-house and bespoke training; our industry awards and conferences; and the production of research, best practice and skills guidance.

Moreover, through our ethical Code of Conduct and searchable PR registers, we make our members accountable to their employers, clients and the wider public.


Our vision is the establishment of a chartered public relations profession serving clients and society with creative, technically expert and ethical practice.

We will champion lifelong learning and lead a thriving community of practice that is forward-looking, confident in its high standards and assured in demonstrating its value. Our members will act with integrity and according to the core values of the CIPR Code of Conduct. These professionals will sit at the heart of the organisations they serve as trusted, respected and valued business leaders – accountable to their employers and the general public.

Our values

Advancing our community.

We build a cooperative community by listening to all voices. At CIPR our work is bigger than any one individual. We can be both bold and confident as we know we are looking out for each other in all our diversity.

Using Our Voice.

We capture and amplify the diverse insights of our members, championing their concerns and speaking our truth.

 Being Human.

We know and understand that we are all different. We each bring unique skills, knowledge and potential to our industry and CIPR. We seek to support one another on our journey so everyone can play their part.

Tuning In.

We seek to make sense of situations, noticing the nuance and difference in society. We pay attention to what matters most to others, responding with care and understanding.

 Purposefully Curious.

We are excited by our potential and the possibilities of communications. We are always eager to learn, to try new approaches and adapt. We are evolving and look outwards for inspiration and opportunities.

Elected member giving a speech.


The elected members and volunteers who lead the CIPR and the staff who support them.

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Our five-year strategy was developed in consultation with members and is at the heart of a continuous improvement programme for the CIPR.

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members at a meeting voting.

members together displaying their certificate qualifications.

Professional standards

The CIPR is a voluntary regulator and all members are bound to uphold its professional standards.

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Our royal charter defines our purpose and how we are governed.

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the senior management at a meeting

members at a fund raising event

Benevolent Fund

iprovision is a registered charity which exists to support CIPR members financially and practically in times of personal hardship

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