New guides from the CIPR Diversity & Inclusion Network

Throughout 2023, the CIPR Diversity and Inclusion Network are publishing a series of five guides designed to improve understanding of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) across the public relations profession.  

EDI Basics 

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is a broad subject covering a lot of areas and the conversation on and around EDI is always evolving. This guide goes back to basics to simplify and define EDI and explain how each applies in organisations. 

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Inclusive Language 

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Using inclusive language in professional communications is an essential element in making public relations representative of the society it serves. Language around disability continues to evolve and this practical toolkit guide should be used as a springboard to continuous learning.

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Inclusive Communication 

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It should go without saying that all communication should be inclusive. But lack of representation, knowledge, and understanding of disability, impairment and neurodivergence has created barriers to inclusion and participation. This guide explains the importance of inclusive communication and shares best practice on achieving this.

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Inclusive Events

The events we plan and deliver, whether for clients, our own organisations or the PR industry, need to be as inclusive as possible. This guide and the resources it references can be used in the planning process and as a checklist in the run-up to events. We have covered online, in-person, and hybrid events in this guide to ensure members have access to best practices regardless of the format of their event.

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Advocacy and Allyship (December 2023)

Together these guides form a versatile and practical resource suitable for people at any level within an organisation. Each one is worth 5 CPD points.

Coming soon

The final guide in this series on the topic of Advocacy and Allyship will be published soon.


Free training for members

Our EDI on-demand training package features six practical modules on topics ranging from bias and microaggressions to inclusive language and inclusive communications. All six modules are free to CIPR members and are worth 3 CIPR CPD points. Non-members can register for £20 + VAT per module and 'Mix & Match' three or more to save 10%.

CIPR Reports

Beyond Buzzwords - Embedding a Systemic Approach to EDI across the UK's Professions (2024)

This EDI research was conducted on behalf of 12 professional membership and regulatory bodies, including the CIPR. The report reveals that nearly three in four professionals say they experience discriminatory or exclusionary workplace behaviour.

Race in PR: Lived Experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Practitioners in PR (2020)
Race in PR finds a public relations industry in which Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic practitioners tell of racism, microaggressions and unconscious biases faced, and having to work within an inflexible culture that denies them opportunities and fair progression.

The report calls on senior PR business leaders to take these findings seriously and work to change practices and cultures to “unleash talent and create a fair and equal workplace for all”.
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We have also published a supporting Q&A to go alongside the report, detailing the CIPR’s work in this area and how the Institute intends to progress its diversity and inclusion work.

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From Diversity to Inclusion (2015)
From Diversity to Inclusion is a qualitative exploration of attitudes and experiences towards diversity issues impacting public relations. Conducted by the CIPR's Diversity Working Group, the report delves deep into views of over 30 PR professionals who shared their views in an innovative digital research project and took part in roundtable discussions held in London and Leeds.

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Future Perspectives (2012)
A CIPR report has found that knowledge of the public relations profession is low amongst 16 to 18-year-old students. We interviewed 1,229 16 to 18-year-old students from across the UK during November 2012 about their career choices and perceptions of public relations. The majority did not consider PR as a possible career path.

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