CIPR Elections  2022 results


Statement from the Returning Officer

For the CIPR elections 2022, at the close of nominations the following were found to be correctly nominated:


President Elect – 1 nominee for 1 seat

Scotland – 1 nominee for 1 seat

Wales – 1 nominee for 1 seat

Northern Ireland – 1 nominee for 1 seat

Regional 1 – 1 nominee for 5 seats

Sectoral Groups – 4 nominees for 8 seats

Open List – 7 candidates for 8 seats




President Elect

Rachael Clamp – Elected


Nominated by:

Neil Cuthbert

Sarah Pinch

Robert Okunnu

Stuart Bruce

Gill Morris

Jenni Field

Rachel Royall

Anne Gregory

Donna Castle

Max Sugarman



Nations Seats

Jennifer Stirton – Elected

Nominated by CIPR Scotland


Martyn Williams – Elected

Nominated by CIPR Cymru/Wales


Arlene McPhillips – Elected

Nominated by CIPR Northern Ireland



Regions Seats

Alison Gallagher-Hughes – Elected

Nominated by CIPR Midlands Group



Sectoral Seats

Claire Melia-Tompkins – Elected

Nominated by CIPR Local Public Services Group


Crispin Thorold – Elected

Nominated by CIPR International Group 


Binu Jacob – Elected

Nominated by CIPR Inside


Donna Castle – Elected

Nominated by CIPR Public Affairs 



Open List Seats

Paul Compton – Elected


Nominated by:

Rachel Barnard

Peter Holt

Sarah Pinch

Michael Carhart-Harris

Bridget Aherne


Ben Veal – Elected

Nominated by:

Joanne Patch

Veronica Hannon

Charlotte Sanville

Rachael Clamp

Adam Driver


Naj Modak – Elected

Nominated by:

Gary Taylor

Laura Smith

Sara Thornhurst

Dave Glanville

Josephine Graham


David Hamilton – Elected

Nominated by:

Sarah Pinch

Andy Green

Katherine Raven

Rachael Clamp

Chris Love


Ruth Jackson – Elected

Nominated by:

Nic Wray

Angela Wilson

Nicola Knight

Michelle Nelson

Hayley Mace


Binu Jacob – Elected

Nominated by:

Dan Holden

Michael Smith

Katie Marlow

Becky Paul

Fiona Hatton


John Wilkinson – Elected

Nominated by:

Martyn Williams

Neil Gibson

Francesca Carpanani

Alison Tobin

Hannah Claffey


Since the number of candidates in each position did not exceed the number of vacancies, I declare that all of the above are duly elected.

This concludes the CIPR elections 2022.


Commenting on the results, CIPR President Rachel Roberts said ‘I am very grateful to everyone who has put themselves forward this year to continue the work of building the CIPR.  There are still some vacant seats on Council and our intention is to co-opt additional representatives so we have a broad representation of our community of practice and practitioners. This will be discussed as part of Board & Council meetings on 28 September.’


Special note on the timetable

The period of nominations was extended by one week in recognition of the National Period of Mourning following the death of Elizabeth II. This variation followed the rules set out in Section 2.1 of the CIPR Election Regulations.


Background Information

Descriptions for each of the council roles, the Election regulations and the election process is available below:

Information on the CIPR's Election regulations is available under CIPR’s Governance section
Governance (

The new Council and the new President-Elect take up their posts on Sunday 1 January 2023.