PR Population report; understanding and analysing the data

PR Population report; understanding and analysing the data

PR, understanding and analysing the data

The PR Population report is the most accurate and comprehensive study to date of the public relations profession, providing a unique look into its diversity, employment patterns, and demographic shifts within England and Wales. It is the first published analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) of Census 2021 data exclusively related to PR practitioners. It finds a PR population in England and Wales of 63,563 practitioners in contrast to previous population estimates, shedding new light on the industry's size and scope.

Join report author, Ben Verinder, as we take a look at what the data actually tells us about the state and future of public relations in the UK. What does it tell us about the PR profession? Why does it only cover England and Wales? How much impact has COVID had on the profession? Is the PR profession smaller than it was previously?

22/02/2024 13:00 - 14:00
GMT Standard Time

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