Accredited PR Practitioner is a hallmark of your commitment to professional excellence. It shows that you are committed to keeping your professional skills and knowledge up-to-date and continually developing and broadening your horizons.
Your accreditation will show in your PR register and Member directory profile. You’ll receive a logo and certificate to demonstrate your designation.

Becoming an Accredited Practitioner

You need to be at Member (MCIPR) grade and either:

If you are not already Member (MCIPR) grade, you can still get started on your CPD. Complete 2 cycles of CPD as an Associate (ACIPR) and you’ll become an Accredited Practitioner (at no extra cost) when you do upgrade. You can upgrade as soon as you fulfil the relevant entry criteria.

Staying an Accredited Practitioner

You need to renew your membership and complete CPD every year. If you lose your Accredited PR Practitioner status you'll need to start again and complete 2 cycles of CPD to regain it (the fast-track Diploma route doesn’t apply second time round).