CIPR Foundation is the entry point to CIPR’s suite of professional qualifications.

Foundation focuses on the skills required for an entry level PR role. Part 1 covers content creation for both traditional media outlets and digital media platforms. Part 2 develops an understanding of the role of PR within an organisation and what PR practitioners do (and don’t do).

The syllabus  is taught at A-level standard.

What do I learn and how will I be assessed?

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Create content for written and audio-visual platforms that will engage stakeholders;
  • Identify and prioritise different audience groups and channels, and justify those choices in the context of building relationships between an organisation and its stakeholders;
  • Explain how PR helps to support different organisational objectives, and how it works with related disciplines such as marketing communications and advertising.

You will undertake a two-part assessment that tests your practical PR skills.

Who's it for and what are the enrolment criteria?

It's right for you if you're a school or college leaver, changing career direction, or working in a PR support role.  Please check with your chosen teaching centre for more details about enrolment criteria.

How long does it take?

Timetables vary depending on which teaching centre you study with but all centres provide 15-20 hours of tuition.

Students should expect to set aside a certain amount of time for self-study and this will vary depending on time taken to complete the qualification.  Individual teaching centres will be able to give further advice if required.


CIPR qualifications are accredited by the Global Alliance

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