The CIPR Annual Conference is back in 2024. On 21 November at County Hall, London, we will be hosting this event for around 300 delegates. 

Around the world, governments have an impact on every industry. So in a year where almost half the world’s population will be taking part in national elections, we will be focusing our conference around the impact this has on PR and communications as well as, as you would expect,  public affairs. There will be a direct bearing of the elections taking place on all practitioners, whether locally, nationally or globally, and across the whole economy.

In the time leading up to an election, we see delays in investment announcements, openings and launches delayed and even recruitment freezes due to the uncertainty of an economy’s reaction to an election outcome. Media channels are filled for months with political stories. PR practitioners have a tough time. And then who knows what will happen after an election! New employment and tax legislation, newly elected representatives raising their profiles wherever they can, ousted politicians looking for few jobs and the journalists wanting to know about a world away from politics. 

These and many other themes will be discussed in November.

Register your interest and join us for thought provoking conversations, tangible takeaways to implement in your working day and networking with 300 practitioners across the industry. 

Register your Interest

In the coming months as we continue to shape the agenda, we will be asking a focus group for their feedback to help us deliver a world class conference. If you’d like to be considered for that focus group, please email CIPR President, Rachael Clamp.




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