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The CIPR's Diversity and Inclusion Network seeks to develop an inclusive culture within public relations by raising general awareness of diversity issues, by pursuing an inclusive approach which can improve communications and by increasing the numbers of public relations practitioners from diverse backgrounds.


Vision: A PR profession which has a prevailing and sustainable culture of diversity and inclusion.

Mission: To promote diversity and inclusion in the public relations profession, by bringing people together to create networks, initiatives and thought leadership which support diversity and tackle barriers to inclusion.


  • To highlight the positive aspects of diversity and inclusion in PR.
  • To promote awareness and action on issues related to the question of diversity and inclusion in the PR Profession.
  • To foster talent in a way that delivers greater diversity and inclusion in the PR profession.
  • Promote equal access opportunities by raising awareness of the business and ethical cases for diversity and inclusion in public relations.
  • Be the voice for, and represent the interests of, public relations professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • To showcase role models, past and present, who represent the best principles of diversity and inclusion in PR in order to inspire/encourage.
  • To provide opportunities to network around themes in diversity and inclusion
  • To build relationships that enables the wider PR community to foster and promote greater diversity in UK PR.
  • Improve understanding of the importance of planning and delivering inclusive communications and factoring diverse audiences into campaign management.
  • To advise and challenge the CIPR on issues related to the question of diversity and inclusion in the PR Profession.
  • To promote Chartered PR Practitionership in a way that creates greater diversity in the PR profession.


The Diversity and Inclusion Network's remit is broad. 'Diversity' is an all-encompassing term acknowledging differences such as gender, ethnicity, sexuality, socio-economic background, disability, religion/faith and age. The Network believes public relations campaigns are more effective when created and delivered by teams that are representative of the audiences they seek to engage. There are both strong moral and business cases for diversity in public relations.



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Our committee

Our Executive committee is led by our Chairperson, Avril Lee, a vice-Chairperson, Cornelius Alexander and a Treasurer, Susan Szymborski-Welsh. 

Our Group committee consists of our Executive Committee who steer the work and the active volunteers who devise and deliver our activities.

We are always looking for active volunteers to drive our work.  If you're interested in getting involved, we'd love to hear from you.  Please get in touch with us at [email protected] or [email protected] 


avril lee

Avril Lee

Cornelius alexander

Cornelius Alexander
Vice - Chairperson

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Race in PR

'Race in PR' is our landmark 2020 report on BAME lived experiences in the UK PR industry.


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Diversity resources

Our resources page includes reports, research, guides, and articles on diversity and inclusion in PR.

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