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On this page you’ll find some of our publicly available resources to help you grow and develop in your role, whether you’re embarking on your comms journey or just looking to develop. Members can also search the CPD portal for exclusive resources and skills guides.

Effective Line Manager Communications - a CIPR Inside study

The successful running of any organisation relies on effective and efficient line manager communication. In autumn 2021, CIPR Inside conducted a deep dive into line manager communication. The research painted a clear picture of the IC and HR approach to enabling and supporting line manager communications, as well as the extent to which these skills are valued within organisations. 
We hope that the data in this report will spark discussion within and beyond the IC community to increase organisational engagement and ultimately improve line manager communications. 

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Guide on communicating with furloughed employees

Some organisations across the UK have started to furlough employees and questions are being asked on what can and can't be communicated to these employees. The government guidance quite clearly states that as soon as an employee is furloughed they should not be doing any work for the organisation until their furlough period ends, this also means that any comms they receive from the organisation should be non-work related. This short guide with some advice on how organisations should manage their communication with furloughed colleagues.

CEO Research report
Our 2017 research report spotlights the perceptions of internal communication amongst chief executives. Making it Count delivers an upbeat assessment of the practice, with senior leaders demonstrating a sharp understanding and appreciation of internal communication.

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Communication measurement matrix

Our internal communication matrix has been designed to help you establish the value of practice for organisational reputation and success, generate insights that inform professional practice, support insightful business decisions, check progress against plans and assess overall efficiency.

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measurement and for RoI internal communication report

Measurement gives us the opportunity to finally prove the impact good communications can have on an organisation. It allows leaders to finally see us as the strategic function and gives us the kudos we deserve. Our Measurement and ROI for Internal Communication report isn’t going to solve all the problems we have when it comes to measuring effectively but the frameworks within the report are a good starting point. We hope you find this report useful and can establish a strong measurement practice within your day-to-day work. 

The full report is available to CIPR and IOIC members through their respective CPD and resource portals.

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Members can download the full report here  

Crack that nut - Line manager communication guide

On 22 October 2020 we hosted a webinar to talk about line manager communication, it has been that nut that is difficult to crack. So, we wanted to find out why. If you missed the webinar don’t worry, you can find it on our webinar page and also in the CPR portal.

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ETHICS IN ACTION for internal communicators - SKILLS guide

This paper looks at ethics from an internal and strategic communications perspective. For all communicators, ethics should be an important consideration in their work.


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