The UK's departure from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020 has had far-reaching implications 
across many sectors, including public relations. Although we find ourselves three years on from this 
significant transition, understanding the changes and adaptations that occurred during this period 
remains crucial for PR professionals.

Brexit a practical guide for CIPR members

This guide, last updated in October 2020, offers valuable insights into the immediate and anticipated 
implications of Brexit on the PR industry. While it was created during the transition period, the 
document continues to provide a historical context and a basis for understanding the ongoing impacts of 
Brexit on our field.
'Brexit a Practical Guide for CIPR Members' 

Brexit Event Archive

In collaboration with our regional and sector groups, we organized a series of events to support 
members during the Brexit transition period. You can access records of these events here.

CIPR Brexit Briefing Notes

Our briefing notes offered focused insights into specific aspects of the Brexit process. 

CIPR note on 'Chequers' deal CIPR note on 'Chequers' deal - July 2018 (PDF)

CIPR note on Government White Paper CIPR note on Government White Paper - July 2018 (PDF) 


Scenario Planning - Brexit and PR

See our scenario planning reports from 2018 [LINK] for an in-depth exploration of potential Brexit 
outcomes and their implications for PR.

April 2018 report (PDF)

June 2018 report (PDF)


Brexit PR Survey 2017/18

Our member survey report, 'Brexit in Public Relations 2018' [LINK], provides a snapshot of industry 
opinions and expectations during the Brexit transition

Brexit in Public Relations 2018  - member survey report (PDF)


Previous Reports

For a detailed understanding of the transitional period, we've maintained our monthly reports from 2018 to 2020. You can access these reports below

Monthly Reports 2020

January 2020 (PDF)

Monthly Reports 2019

December 2019 (PDF)

November 2019 (PDF)

October 2019 (PDF)

September 2019 (PDF)

August 2019 (PDF)

July 2019 (PDF)

June 2019 (PDF)

May 2019 (PDF)

April 2019 (PDF)

March 2019 (PDF)

February 2019 (PDF)

January 2019 (PDF)

Monthly Reports 2018

December 2018 (PDF)

November 2018 (PDF)

October 2018 (PDF)

September 2018 (PDF)

August 2018 (PDF)

July 2018 (PDF)

June 2018 (PDF)

May 2018 (PDF)

April 2018 (PDF)

March 2018 (PDF)

February 2018 (PDF)

January 2018 (PDF)