New guides from the CIPR ESG Panel

The CIPR's ESG Panel has published a three-part series of best practice guides designed to improve PR practitioners' understanding of ESG matters.
Each guide is worth 5 CIPR CPD points
The 'E' in ESG
Discover how to start measuring your organisation's carbon footprint, how to use data to credibly communicate your progress on environmental commitments, and how to avoid the dangers of greenwashing.
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The 'S' in ESG
Learn about the key principles for pursuing effective social commitments, how your organisation can embed social priorities in its leadership and culture, and the role PR has in communicating an organisation's positive impact.
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The 'G' in ESG
Delve into why good governance is critical for ESG success, what effective governance looks like in practice, and models that provide a framework for embedding strong governance in your organisation.
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