A Register of Lobbying, as required by the Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016, is being established by the Scottish Parliament. It will come into effect on Monday, 12 March 2018.

The CIPR has been part of the Lobbying Register Working Group, assisting the Parliamentary team in the implementation of Act. All CIPR members are advised to make themselves aware of the Act and the Register as a point of professional competence.


The Register and information about the Act can be found at lobbying.scot.

The Scottish Parliament have produced a useful, lobbying register guide in leaflet form (attachment below).

'Regulated Lobbying'

Lobbyists will be required to register instances of 'regulated lobbying' as defined in the Act. The Act (part 1, section 1) stipulates that 'regulated lobbying' is communication which is 'made orally' and 'made in person' (or using equipment enabling both people to see and hear each other), to a member of the Scottish Parliament, a member of the Scottish Government, a Junior Scottish Minister, a special adviser or the permanent secretary.

Further, the communication is made in relation to Government or Parliamentary functions, is not an exempt communication (see below) and is carried out by an employee, director (including shadow directors) partner or other office-holder in the course of a business or other activity.

The intention is to capture face to face lobbying activity - unless the activity is exempt.

The Act applies to anyone who engages in 'regulated lobbying' in any circumstances and in any location.

For more information on the exemptions, see the Parliamentary Guidance.

Scottish lobbying register guide