Climate Change and the Role of PR; why communication is key

Climate Change and the Role of PR; why communication is key

We have a real challenge on our hands when it comes to climate change, sustainability and saving our planet. Communication is a big part of this challenge in getting the message across and getting businesses and organisations thinking about how they can help the planet. David Attenborough in his first Instagram post said that:
“Saving our planet is now a communications challenge”

In this half day event through a mixture of presentations and panels with experts from the beauty, PR and marketing industry we will be discussing the importance of the communications industry and what we as individuals can do to make a difference. You will also hear about how to advise your employer or client in climate change and how to get this on the agenda and part of strategy.The event is open to members and non members, come join the event and discussions and let’s make a difference.

Summary of event
Trudy Lewis, Board Director, CIPR to chair event

How comms professionals can save the planet with Q&A
Luke Herbert, Director of International Communications, Climate Group 

The Role of Public Relations: how to advise clients and your business to go green with Q&A
Jo Swift, Managing Director Greenhouse PR
Asif Choudry, Sales & Marketing Director, We are resource 
Sian Conway-Wood, Founder & Director, Ethical Hour Ltd

Little Changes make a big difference: how as individuals we can help minimize our impact on the planet with Q&A
Sian Sutherland- Co Founder, A Plastic Planet
Jayn Stern, Advisory Board Member, British Beauty Council and Managing Director, Weleda 
Livvy Drake- Behaviour Change Consultant, City to Sea

Is AI and technology eco-friendly? Considerations for digital communication on the battle to become sustainable and how AI is supporting the UN Sustainability Goals with Q&A
Steve Lister, Global Sustainability Strategist, POPAI UK and Ireland interviewed by Kerry Sheehan, Senior Communication Specialist, UK Government Communication Service

Member price: £75 +VAT
Non member price: £100+VAT

19/05/2021 09:00 - 13:00
GMT Daylight Time

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