Hands-On AI Tools for PR Tasks (Junior/Mid-Level Staff)

Hands-On AI Tools for PR Tasks (Junior/Mid-Level Staff)

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Overview: This fast-paced 3-hour practical session provides junior and mid-level PR professionals hands-on practice with AI tools to enhance their daily work. Through step-by-step tutorials and interactive exercises, participants will build skills for applying leading AI technologies to common PR tasks.
Key topics covered: 
- Content creation - Drafting automated press releases, blog posts, social media content with natural language generation
- Media monitoring - Using AI for real-time news monitoring, sentiment analysis, and topic clustering
- Data analysis - Creating automated reports and visualizations for analyzing campaign metrics 
- Messaging - Using machine learning to tailor messaging and target outreach 
- Evaluation - Assessing campaign performance with AI metrics and predictive analytics  
Takeaways: Participants will gain first-hand experience with AI tools to help manage workload, boost productivity, and focus on strategic priorities. They will learn practical applications to immediately incorporate AI into their PR roles. No prior AI experience required.

The session will be led by Andrew Bruce Smith,  much sought-after speaker and commentator on the impact of AI. With a remarkable career spanning 38 years, Andrew has strategically integrated AI into digital communications programmes for some of the world’s largest brands. His expertise in AI and its integration with social media and analytics has earned him five Google Analytics Individual Qualifications and the status of an approved Google Partner in search advertising.

As well as Chair of the CIPR AI Panel, Andrew was instrumental in the CIPR’s 2021 Professional Practice Review into Research, Measurement and Evaluation in Public Relations and Communications, where his expertise in AI played a significant role. In 2018 CIPR hailed Andrew “one of PR’s greatest thinkers”.

Contact: Jenifer Stirton
Email: [email protected]

18/04/2024 09:30 - 12:30
GMT Daylight Time
Jura Suite Scotsman Hotel 20 North Bridge EDINBURGH, LOTHIAN UNITED KINGDOM

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