Are you eligible to apply?

If you are an MCIPR or FCIPR grade member and are registered on the CIPR CPD ladder, you can apply to become a Chartered PR Practitioner.

We will need evidence of your commitment to life-long learning, which can include CIPR CPD, CIPR Qualifications/Training, or other evidence of recent professional development in public relations. If you have not completed CIPR CPD or a CIPR Qualification/Training, you will be required to provide evidence.

We assess your skills, knowledge and experience in leadership, strategy and ethics. We recommend that you contact the CIPR to discuss the most appropriate time for you undertake an assessment day, if you are in any doubt.


• Thursday 13th February, London – deadline to register is Thursday 30th January
• Friday 20th March, Wales - deadline to register is Friday 6th March
• Thursday 23 April, Scotland - deadline to register is Thursday 9th April
• Monday 1st June, London - deadline to register is Monday 18th May

Register for one of the above assessment days

If you are unable to make any of these dates, please complete the expression of interest form.

Once you have registered, you will be sent assessment questions and case studies, articles or other sources, around two weeks before the Assessment Day. They will form the initial basis of the group discussions which are the core part of the assessment process.


For further information about becoming a Chartered PR Practitioner, please read our Chartered Handbook.Chartered Handbook