By Mandy Pearse, FCIPR, Chart PR

Social media can grow organically within a business taking up a lot of time, resource and energy. There usually comes a point when we need to stand back, take a long hard look and introduce more effective management to ensure the activity delivers value to the business.

Here are my five key social media management tips:

Be clear on purpose: It may be positioning the business, influencing stakeholders, delivering excellence in customer service, helping to change behaviour or overall reputation management. The key is to be clear as all other decisions of audience, channels, message, content and measuring flow from this.

Integrate your social: Social media does not exist in isolation. It must be integral to your PR and marketing planning. Senior managers need to understand how social works and how it can be leveraged.

Do research: Research is fundamental to PR planning and this holds true for social media. Make sure your social activity is driven by data and behavioural insight. There are tools to help research audience, channels and behaviour but there is still merit in traditional quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

Use tools, automation and AI: There are a range of online tools which can help take some of the heavy lifting out of social and can help with targeting, listening, planning and evaluation. Tools can be used together to provide a level of automation to workflow.

Measure impact: It can be easy to be misled by vanity metrics, focus on what has been achieved for the organisation or business and show how that affects both costs and reputation. Social can and should be measured and there are frameworks to help.

Mandy Pearse, FCIPR, Chart PR is a CIPR Trainer and Director at Seashell Communications. See below for her next CIPR social media management course.

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