All CIPR training courses will run virtually in 2021.  Take a look at what's coming up in 2021 and book your places today.

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JAN-MAR       APR-JUN       JUL-SEP        OCT-DEC

January courses

12 Jan Introduction to PR strategy & planning campaigns
13 Jan                 Mastering the art of copywriting (two non-consecutive days)
and 3 Feb              
21 Jan Social media essentials - SOLD OUT
21 Jan Writing for impact & creativity
26 Jan Writing skills for PR - SOLD OUT
27 Jan Change communication
27 Jan Public speaking & presentation skills
28 Jan The role of psychology in campaign design - SOLD OUT
29 Jan Risk issues management & crisis

February courses

1 Feb    Reputation management
2 Feb   Introduction to internal communication
3 Feb   Planning & managing PR campaigns
4-5  Feb  Organisational Leadership Skills - SOLD OUT
5 Feb   Social media management
8 Feb   Social & digital crisis management
9 Feb                   Content management (two non-consecutive days)
and 16 Feb
10 Feb Mental wellbeing at work
11 Feb Strategic internal communication & employee engagement
15 Feb Paid media management
16 Feb Agile thinking
16 Feb Ethics & PR
17 Feb Creating your crisis communications plan
17 Feb Stakeholder engagement
18 Feb Social media strategy
18 Feb Writing for online audiences
18 Feb Time management & personal effectiveness
18-19 Feb Organisational Leadership Skills - SOLD OUT
23 Feb Effective media relations
23 Feb Shooting smartphone videos
24-25 Feb         Measuring & evaluating PR (two consecutive days)
24 Feb Digital media relations
24-25 Feb         Introduction to PR (two consecutive days)
25 Feb Video editing
26 Feb Creating a PR strategy

March courses

2 Mar Introduction to digital photography
2 Mar High performing PR leadership
3 Mar                  Mastering the art of copywriting (two non-consecutive days)
and 24 Mar
3 Mar Account management
3 Mar Practical public affairs
3 Mar   Cyber security awareness for PR
4 Mar Writing better press releases
8 Mar Handling media interviews
8 Mar British politics in a time of change
9 Mar The role of psychology in campaign design
9 Mar                  Crisis communication
9 Mar                  Building resilience
10 Mar      Personal branding masterclass
10 Mar      Grammar & proofreading skills
10 Mar      Live video streaming
11-12 Mar       Managing performance & efficiency - SOLD OUT
11 Mar      PR & SEO
16 Mar       Google analytics
16 Mar       Stakeholder engagement
16 Mar      Change communication
17 Mar      LinkedIn for PR professionals
18 Mar      Paid media management
18 Mar      Creating your crisis communications plan
22 Mar      Writing for impact & creativity
22 Mar      Marketing for PR professionals
23 Mar      Introduction to PR strategy & planning campaigns
23 Mar      Public speaking & presentation skills
23 Mar      Emotional Intelligence   23-24 Mar      Strategic thinking & decision making (two consecutive days)
24 Mar      Strategic internal communication & employee engagement
25-26 Mar      Strategic thinking & decision making - SOLD OUT
25 Mar      Reputation management
29 Mar      Positive influencing skills
29 Mar      Virtual presentation skills
30 Mar      Writing content for company media
30 Mar                Storytelling
31 Mar      Creating a PR strategy
31 Mar Introduction to speechwriting