Thank you to everyone who sent in a nomination for the Volunteer Recognition Awards 2023.

We asked you to help us to celebrate the achievements of your fellow volunteers by letting us know who you think deserves a shout out! Every single volunteer plays a part in making the CIPR what it is today, but we are delighted to shine a light on those who received a nomination from their fellow volunteers, for special thanks.   

Special thanks goes to:

Strategic Comms Experts of the Year 
Rod Cartwright has been named by his peers as Strategic Comms Expert of the Year. The award recognises skilled campaign planning and the creation of blogs, articles, or newsletters.

Developing Best Practice
We have an amazing 7 recipients of the Developing Best Practice. This award recognises those who have displayed the greatest levels of professionalism and who are regarded as role models by their peers. Congratulations to Rod Cartwright, Friedel Grant, Fiona Hatton, Binu Jacob, Katie Marlow, Chaya Mistry and Becky Paul!

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leaders of the Year
We're delighted to announce that Vicki Cox and Sara Thornhurst have been named as Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leaders of the Year by their peers. Thank you for all your work and dedication to promoting EDI in your CIPR Groups, Networks and Panels.

Events & Social Media Champions of the Year 
Adelaide Arthur, Joanne Patch, and Angela Wilson have been named the Events & Social Media Champions of the Year. This peer-nominated award honours volunteers who over the last year have organised great events and/or brilliant social media campaigns for their CIPR groups, networks, or panels.

Outstanding Leaders of the Year 
The Outstanding Leaders of the Year category received an astounding 7 nominations. This award is for those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, inspiration, and supported those around them. Thank you and congratulations to Jessica Fok, Ruth Jackson, Max Sugarman, Katherine Sykes, Chris Tucker and Giuseppina Valenza.

Unsung Heroes of the Year 
The Unsung Heroes of the Year goes to 6 amazing volunteers, each nominated by their peers as the person who perhaps isn’t always in the spotlight but without them, the team just wouldn't function! Congratulations to Adelaide Arthur, David Boot, Taazima Kala, Rose Ling, Sara Naylor and Anne Nicholls.

Rising Stars of the Year 
Joel Meekison and Kriti Gupta have been named as the Rising Stars of the Year by their peers. This award highlights those volunteers who have been in their role for 12 months or less but who have made a significant mark during that time. 

Outstanding Contribution 
We have 5 fantastic volunteers who were nominated by their peers for Outstanding Contribution. Their peers wanted to nominate these people for their exceptional commitment and contribution to their communities. Congratulations to Nicola Bothwell, Kevin Hegarty, Janine Hogan, Ruth Jackson and Chris Tucker.

Outstanding Long Service 
The Outstanding Long Service goes to 6 special people. Nominated by their peers as a token of appreciation for the time and effort they have dedicated to their committee and community over the years. Thank you for your amazing service and congratulations to Donna Castle, Shirley Collyer, Claire Melia-Tompkins, Ronnie Semley, John Wilkinson and Nic Wray.