• Membership will not be activated until payment is received, or an active Direct Debit instruction is in place, which takes between one and four working days.
  • Membership subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • For overseas BACS payments any bank fees incurred must be covered by the sender.
  • All membership cancellation requests must be made in writing by emailing These will be considered with reference to the relevant membership terms and conditions.
  • Membership subscriptions can be paid by Direct Debit (Annual single instalment or Monthly instalments).
  • A £20 discount on full Affiliate, Associate or Member/Fellow grade fees is available to members paying by Direct Debit.
  • Direct Debits can only be drawn from UK bank accounts.
  • To switch your existing membership to Direct Debit, we must receive your request to switch at least ten working days before your next renewal date.
  • Direct Debit plans cannot be started or amended (other than changing bank account) during your membership term for the current membership year. They can be started or amended in time for your next membership year, with at least ten working days' notice, prior to your next renewal date (see above).
  • Membership subscriptions are subject to a minimum term of 12 months and any unused portion of your subscription period cannot be refunded (see General Payment Terms).
  • If you cancel your Direct Debit mandate before all instalments have been collected, or an agreed instalment fails to be collected, then we may suspend your membership and apply a new joining fee should you re-join in the future.
  • To set up a new Direct Debit instruction please call us on 0207 631 6900 Option 1, or email us.
  • To change the Bank Account that your existing Direct Debit is drawn from, you will need to update your bank details directly with our direct debit support team by telephone on 020 7183 8674.
  • We will confirm when your application to join the CIPR has been accepted with an email entitled ‘Welcome to the CIPR’.
  • We always endeavour to provide access to all CIPR services. However due to circumstances beyond our control we cannot guarantee this.
  • CIPR membership subscriptions are VAT exempt.
  • Membership subscriptions are tax deductible if the member is paying their own subscription.
  • You can upgrade your membership during your membership subscription period – you will need to pay an Upgrade Fee.
  • The Upgrade fee is the difference between the fee you have paid and the fee for the grade you are advancing to.
  • You can also re-grade to a lower level of membership during the membership term, but since membership fees are non-refundable no refund of fees paid can be given.
  • Upgrade fees may be paid by direct bank transfer (BACS) only. We cannot accept payment of Upgrade fees by Credit/Debit card or Direct Debit.

Iprovision is the CIPR’s benevolent fund – helping members in times of need since 1965. For more information go to


To discuss any concerns about payment, upgrading or your subscription please contact