Tuesday 8 November

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Rachel Roberts, President, CIPR
Tracy Jones, Head of Press, PR, and Public Affairs at the National Gallery

Understanding our role as communicators in the co-existing fields of ESG and sustainability

Soli Townsend, Co-founder & Chief Solutionist, Futerra

Soli joins us as COP27 kicks off in Egypt, with a lively presentation that focuses on how we as a profession need to respond to the role of communicators, influencers and behavioural scientists in the context of climate change. She'll talk about what we 'have' to do i.e. greenwash avoidance, client disclosure, co-liability, risk management, etc. and what we might 'want' to do, including how to manage the inevitable 'zones of discomfort' and pace of change. Soli is passionate about helping other industries to tell their sustainability stories; now she wants to explore best practices in her own profession! 



Breakout sessions 

Why ‘doing right’ might lead to more brands ‘doing wrong’

Alicia Solanki, MD Client Experience, Ketchum + Chair of Ketchum UK Inclusion Council
Sera Holland, UK Deputy CEO, Ketchum 

It’s easy for brands to aspire to make the world a better place, but pursuing this vision without guardrails is plunging brands into an identity crisis. This session will uncover how brands can navigate the social justice conversation, how they might define their ‘identity’ in the DE&I space and whether this can flex. Learn what stakeholders demand of brands beyond short term survival tactics and how to avoid being performative to deliver positive brand building in DE&I. Finally, how communicators can ensure change drives progress and progress includes everyone.

Performance with Purpose: Collaboration, Innovation and Improvement, and Great People, GCS Strategy 2022-2025 

Simon Baugh, Chief Executive of the Government Communication Service

We heard from Simon in 2021, when he shared his vision for the future and discussed the complexities of managing different stakeholders. Well, things have certainly not been quiet for Simon and the team over the past year, with significant changes in government and new stakeholders to engage with at multiple levels. During this session, Simon will reflect on the "year that was", as well as looking forward to the GCS Strategy 2022-2025 and what it means for communicators in all sectors.
Evaluating the impact of business and tourism programmes in support of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022

Andy Phillips, Head of Research at the West Midlands Growth Company.
Catherine Griffin, Head of Research, Echo Research.

Nearly half the UK watched or attended the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. With all eyes tuned to the Midlands for a summer of sport and culture, how did the West Midlands Growth Company harness the interest for business and tourism programmes? A report published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) hailed the event as a spectacular showcase for Birmingham. So, how is WMGC measuring the impact - and what comes next?

Workings of Whitehall

Peter Cardwell, Political Editor & Presenter Talk Radio

Hear about the civil service from former special advisor Peter Cardwell; how best to get a meeting with a minister and know how to use your time in that meeting effectively. Sharing his experience of delivering tactical and strategic advice, and crisis management during challenging times, learn how you can influence future policy, with a few fun stories about life in the corridors of power along the way.


Holding attention in the era of TikTok journalism

Sophia Smith-Galer, award-winning Author, Journalist and TikTok creator

The media landscape is constantly evolving. In this pacy keynote, award-winning TikTok creator and journalist Sophia Smith Galer talks us through the evolving needs of the media and how PR professionals can best serve their clients or organisations and the communities they represent. Sophia will touch on geopolitical and social factors that are shaping the way governments, brands, consumers and communities are organising and communicating. She'll dig into the behaviours of news and content consumers and provide some actionable takeaways for how you can navigate the media landscape over the coming years.

Deepfakes and the age of Synthetic Media

Nina Schick, Director, Tamang Ventures

Deepfakes and the Age of Generative AI
Recent AI advances are leading to a tipping point in human evolution.  Nina discusses how the emerging field of ‘Generative AI’ means that any output that has thus far been uniquely associated with human creativity and intelligence are now starting to be generated by AI. Nina examines how Generative AI will radically transform the digital ecosystem in the next few years, and its profound implications on humanity.  At its core the question: will AI automate or augment human intelligence?


Breakout sessions 

Future of Measurement and Evaluation Panel / Workshop

Johna Burke, Global Managing Director of AMEC 

This interactive panel will explore the realities and ethics around data analytics, return on investment, and what communicators need to be doing when it comes to the intersection between strategic reputation management and modern technology. Come with questions and comments to share with representatives from agency, in-house and academia.  

Setting up an Internal Communications Function and Creating a Compelling Culture

Dev Mistry, Global Internal Communications Manager at DICE

DICE is on a mission to get people out more. Founded in 2014, DICE puts the fan at the heart of everything it does. But, with an ever-increasing employee base and ambitious plans for the future of live events and live streaming, how did DICE go about setting up its internal communications function - and what have been the key trends and opportunities around employee engagement, culture, diversity and inclusion, hybrid working and post-pandemic working which have influenced the future of the organisation? Dev Mistry and Kevin Lyster join us to talk about the alignment between internal communications and culture. 

Mavericks: How Bold Leadership Changes the World

David Lewis
Jules Goddard

Session summary
The world needs more mavericks.
David Lewis and Jules Goddard, both teachers at London Business School, will describe what they believe to be the 5 key attributes of mavericks in the workplace, and illustrate these behaviours with real-life stories.
Are you a maverick?  What stories can you tell?

Shaking up the industry!

Carrie Rose, Co-Founder, Rise at Seven

Carrie Rose is an innovator, challenger, founder and global expansionist. Rise at Seven has made a splash in terms of client delivery and the way things are done. In this presentation, Carrie talks about inspiring the future, ripping up the rulebook on her approach to communications and responding to changing workplace expectations - from taking the whole team to Ibiza to setting up policies that inspire and keep people engaged. 

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Rachel Roberts, President, CIPR
Kevin Taylor, Chair-Elect of iProvision Trustees