Introducing the 2022 CIPR Inside committee

I'd like to introduce you to the 2022 committee. It’s lovely to not only to see some of the 2021 committee joining again but also some new faces from across the globe.

My thanks go to all the 2021 committee who have shown outstanding commitment to the profession during what has been a challenging year. I know the day jobs have been busy enough, not to mention balancing responsibilities at home and supporting the committee.

As volunteers from various industries, sectors, and countries, the committee is looking forward to the year ahead. We've already started reviewing the feedback that CIPR Inside followers shared in the latest CIPR members survey to ensure we deliver the tools and resources needed most.

We're keen to keep the conversation open on what support you need from us. Let us know either in our members Guild group or by emailing [email protected]. If you haven't already, head to your preferences tab in your My CIPR account to subscribe to our monthly members' newsletter. If you aren't a CIPR member yet, then don't worry. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Speak to you soon,

Dan Holden
2022 CIPR Inside Chair

Committee officers

Chair – Dan Holden Chart.PR, MCIPR

Vice-Chair – Chaya Mistry MCIPR

Budget Manager – Katie Marlow Chart.PR, FCIPR

Secretary – Marsha van Moorsel MCIPR

Committee members

Allan Ssempebwa Kyobe MCIPR

Becky Hall FCIPR

Rebecca Williams MCIPR

Binu Jacob MCIPR

Elizabeth Hall MCIPR

Noel Armstrong Chart.PR, MCIPR

Sara Tehrani ACIPR

Shalini Gupta MCIPR

Siobhan Boorer MCIPR

Co-opted committee members

Fiona Hatton Chart.PR, FCIPR

Ian Rumanyika MCIPR

Michael Smith Chart.PR, Dip CIPR, MCIPR

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay