Research Report 2019: Measurement and ROI for Internal Communication

By Advita Patel, Chair, CIPR Inside

June 6, 2019 

I am delighted that we have created this fabulous resource for our internal communications community. I am passionate about measurement in internal communication as I feel it’s an area, when done well, that can help internal communicators demonstrate the influence we can have on the overall business objectives within the organisation.

For many years I’ve heard IC professionals struggle to make a significant mark in their business and leaders have not used the function appropriately. Measurement gives us the opportunity to finally prove the impact good communications can have on an organisation. It allows leaders to finally see us as the strategic function and gives us the kudos we deserve. This report isn’t going to solve all the problems
we have when it comes to measuring effectively but the frameworks within the report are a good starting point.

We cannot underestimate the work it takes to pull a report like this together so a huge thank you to all our contributors in particular to Trudy Lewis and Jenni Field who have led on this work.

This is not something CIPR Inside alone can solve and working in partnership is essential if we want to make a shift in working practices.

So, thank you also to the Institute of Internal Communication for their input and insights.

We hope you find this report useful and can establish a strong measurement practice within your day-to-day work. We’d love to hear your feedback so please do drop an email to [email protected] or alternatively you can start the conversation over on Twitter @ciprinside.

Download the exec summary report here: Research Report 2019_Measurement and ROI for Internal Communications

The full report is available for members only and can be downloaded from the CIPR CPD portal.

You can watch the full launch webinar by registering on Zoom.

Thank you

Advita Patel
Chair CIPR Inside