Growing your brand, a keynote by Professor Jonathan Wilson

Brands are meaning creators, language-shapers, and game changers that live at the intersection between art and science. When done well, they amplify, excite, resonate, bring clarity and trust - and most importantly, economic value.  

Some professionals and organisations struggle with how to transform their activities in the minds of audiences into something authentic, compelling, and unique. 

Prof. Wilson’s session tackles these issues, alongside addressing inclusivity, intersectionality, and a hybrid multimedia reality. 

Jonathan Wilson is an award-winning practitioner and academic with two doctorates. After beginning his career in advertising, he later decided to experiment with the idea of being a brain for hire. He has over 200 pieces of published work, given over 100 conference talks, and travelled to 40 countries. 

Prof. Wilson has worked with governments, organisations, brands, and professionals at the intersection of branding, business strategy, and cultures - from countries right down to people. He has several online masterclasses, received Top Voices awards from LinkedIn for four consecutive years, and appeared in their television advertisements. 

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