Wellbeing in the workplace and beyond, a keynote by Otibho Edeke-Agbareh

First and foremost a humanitarian, Otibho applies a holistic approach to everything she does.  

She is an expert in Critical Stress Incident Debriefs as well as Trauma Risk Management, skills she has put into practice to lead responses to crises at home and abroad, including Grenfell Tower, the Beirut Blast, and Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and most recently the Ukraine crisis.   

As well as building and leading successful teams to cultivate resilience in the face of challenging work, Otibho is a well-rounded crisis responder and worked for many years as a humanitarian manager, assisting families internationally with the identification process, escorting families to view loved ones who are deceased and organising international repatriations.  

She is also a skilled expert in the cleaning and restoration of personal effects that families would like returned following an incident, a task she has completed countless times with compassion and care following high-profile international incidents. 

Otibho is currently studying for her doctorate at the University of Portsmouth, where she is shedding light on the support families in Africa require when a loved one goes missing during migration. 

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