Two years of working differently

BY Andrew Broughton

It's been over two years since the Covid pandemic took effect, how have things changed for not-for-profit communicators?

We asked our committee for their highs and lows over the last two years and look ahead to the changes that’ll be staying - those Covid-keepers.

“I’ve seen a shift in the value placed on communications by senior leaders. There’s a greater understanding of the scope within a communications function and the necessity to have channels in place to navigate change quickly and effectively. I see this as a positive shift to bring communications into strategic planning and decision making.”
Jacqui Musson

“Most of the organisations I work with were not set up for working from home and had to adapt quickly. They have seen efficiency and cost benefits but some challenges too, particularly around communication. I really can’t see us returning to all of the old ways of working so organisations who don’t find ways to enable collaboration and conversation between individuals and teams that are spread further afield and working different hours are going to lose ground to those who do.”
Gemma Pettman

“It seems to me that the pandemic accelerated many of the changes that were already underway in society, such as the growth of digital. However, I think it’s interesting to note that some publications, notably Private Eye, are continuing to thrive on a print only model. Could it be that we now read online for work but prefer to read hard copies for pleasure?” 
David Petrie

“Communication for organisations has changed a lot during the pandemic. Practitioners have learnt to rely on technology more and more, and social media has established itself as an acceptable form of business communication because it is where key publics are spending most of their time online. The wide array of social media platforms and their constant evolution now means practitioners must continuously learn and be up to speed on all innovations, trends and best practices while at the same time, attempting to keep engaged with stakeholders. CPD is now more important than ever.“
Rumbidzai Gandiwa

“We were lucky enough that we were already setup to be able to work from home, although the scale of the change was more than just adhoc working from home.”
Andrew Broughton

So what are you doing differently from two years ago, what are your Covid-keepers?