10 Reasons to sign up to the UK Lobbying Register

By Max Sugarman

15 June, 2022 

On 18 May, the CIPR relaunched the UK Lobbying Register. Originally established in 2015, it seeks to capture the work of all lobbyists, both organisations and individuals, providing a place for the whole sector to show its commitment to transparency.

Why should you sign up to it? Here are 10 reasons:

    1. It shows your commitment to transparency: By signing up, you’re showing you are open and transparent in your work as a Public Affairs professional.

    2. It’s completely free: There is absolutely no cost in doing so, neither to you nor any organisation you represent.  

    3. It’s open to all: Unlike the Government’s statutory register, which is only for consultant lobbyists, the UKLR is open to all. Whether you’re inhouse, freelance or agency-based, you can register. And you don’t have to be a CIPR member to sign up.

    4. If you’re a CIPR member and involved in lobbying, you're required to sign up: The CIPR’s Code of Conduct commits all members to ethical and transparent lobbying. So, if you have a CIPR membership and are actively engaged in lobbying, you need to be listed on an industry register.

    5. It shows your professionalism: Clients and businesses are increasingly requiring those who work with them to show professionalism and a commitment to leaving a positive legacy, particularly with the growth of ESG commitments. Signing up to the register is a great way of doing this.

    6. It supports the future of the Public Affairs profession: The Public Affairs industry is often (and rightly) under scrutiny by the public, press and policy-makers to ensure it is working in the public interest. Signing up to the register shows that we, as a sector, are open and transparent in our work and that lobbying is no longer something that happens in ‘dark rooms’ away from the public eye, but is instead a critical part of any democratic political process.

    7. Demonstrate your credibility to politicians: Politicians of all political hues and across the country want to know that they are working with credible Public Affairs professionals who understand the importance of ethical behaviour. Signing up to the register sends the signal to politicians that you take your work seriously.

    8. It shows you’re an ethical lobbyist: As a lobbyist, your registration on the UKLR shows you’re happy to be accountable for your work and committed to ethical activity. That’s a key part of being a professional Public Affairs practitioner and CIPR member.

    9. It’s easy to sign up: It takes little time and is easy to do. Just go to the website, click register on the top right and follow the instructions.

    10. Promote your commitment to ethical lobbying: After you’ve registered, you’ll have the option to download social media collateral and an email signature logo so you can show your employer, clients and colleagues your commitment to ethical lobbying.

So why not sign up? And, if you were signed up previously, you may need to check you’re still on the register. In the process of updating the site and hosting it on a new server, some records may have been lost, so the CIPR is recommending all check their records even if they were registered prior to May this year.

Sign up, register here.

Max Sugarman is Chair of the CIPR’s Public Affairs Group.