About the CIPR Influencer Marketing Panel

 Globally influencer marketing is a multi-billion pound industry.  Its development is an evolution of media relations in a fragmented and increasingly digital media landscape.  

The CIPR Influencer Marketing Panel defines influencer marketing as follows: 

“The art and science of forming, or changing, a public’s opinions and behaviours via a third party online. The practice can be via earned, paid or a hybrid initiative. Influencer marketing at its core is partnering with individuals who have a significant audience and influence within a particular segment. Influencers can drive a message – often in the form of original or co-created content - to the masses or to a micro-targeted audience.”

Effective influencer marketing is a strategic discipline which follows a detailed workflow methodology. It isn’t just about selling or pushing products. Many of influencer marketing’s tactics are transferable. It is the intent and impact which can be applied towards achieving different outcomes.

Different stakeholders will have different needs and requirements from influencer marketing. Public relations’ aim is to understand all stakeholders and their needs (not only prospects and existing customers.

Call out for Panel members

We created the CIPR Influencer Marketing Panel last year and initially delivered three new skills guides for members. This year the panel's work will focus on:

  • Collating resources to enable members to upskill by learning more about Influencer Marketing
  • Addressing diversity and inclusion and associated issues in Influencer Marketing
  • Developing an education pack for use in schools, colleges and universities and by training bodies

If you are interested in joining, or finding our more, about the panel please email CIPR's PR and Policy Officer, Alex Wiltshire and tell us who you are, what you do and a little about your experience and interests in this field and how you could add value. 


Introduction to Influencer Marketing (2020) 

PR and Influencer Marketing – the rules and regulators   (Updated December 2020) 

PRs as Influencers – how to ethically disclose your relationships with clients and causes without misleading your online audience (2020)   

The CIPR Influencer Marketing Panel

The Influencer Marketing Panel’s purpose is to educate and empower CIPR members to practise influencer marketing both ethically and effectively for the brands which they represent, while giving a voice of authority to the developing conversation about this developing communication discipline, and enabling communicators to think about their own influence and how this is managed effectively and ethically. 

If PR is all about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say, and what others say about you, then influencer marketing is a key driver in managing this as part of strategic communications, and PR should be leading from the front.

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Influencer Marketing Panel members

Gemma Bond
Leila Jones
Anne-Marie Lacey Chart.PR FCIP
Keith Lewis
Samantha Mawson

You can follow the conversation about influencer marketing in PR using the hashtag #IMinPR on Twitter. For further information, please contact one of our co-chairs, using the email addresses above.