This collection of research, reports and resources is for anyone with an interest in diversity and inclusion in the public relations profession.



This guide outlines why D&I matters, exploring the changes and associated challenges as we transition our organisations to a new normal.  

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Best practice guidance covers advice on appropriate and inclusive language, producing accessible formats, issues concerning legality, and general tips on delivering inclusive and diverse communications.

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CIPR Reports

NEW REPORT: Race in PR: BAME lived experiences in the PR industry (2020)

Race in PR finds a public relations industry in which BAME practitioners tell of racism, microaggressions and unconscious biases faced, and having to work within an inflexible culture that denies them opportunities and fair progression.
The report calls on senior PR business leaders to take these findings seriously and work to change practices and cultures to “unleash talent and create a fair and equal workplace for all”.

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We have also published a supporting Q&A to go alongside the report, detailing the CIPR’s work in this area and how the Institute intends to progress its diversity and inclusion work.

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From Diversity to Inclusion (2015)

From Diversity to Inclusion is a qualitative exploration of attitudes and experiences towards diversity issues impacting public relations. Conducted by the CIPR's Diversity Working Group, the report delves deep into views of over 30 PR professionals who shared their views in an innovative digital research project and took part in roundtable discussions held in London and Leeds.

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Future perspectives (2012)

A CIPR report has found that knowledge of the public relations profession is low amongst 16 to 18-year-old students. We interviewed 1,229 16 to 18-year-old students from across the UK during November 2012 about their career choices and perceptions of public relations. The majority did not consider PR as a possible career path.

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External resourceS

BBC Equality Information Report - 2016/17

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Channel 4 - 360 Diversity Charter

Ofcom - Diversity and Equal Opportunities in TelevisionComment

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Access for all: inclusive communications. Reaching more people in sport and physical activity through inclusive and accessible communications

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Diversity and Inclusion Strategy - A diverse and confident Government Communication Service, which is representative of modern Britain where talent thrives.

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Government Communication Service - DIVERSITY & INCLUSION STRATEGY 2016/17

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Articles and Blogs

Featuring blog posts, articles and opinion pieces, this section is updated regularly with the latest posts on diversity in public relations and the wider business community.