2024 Reports

Communicating evidence to policy makers – what works best? (Feb 2024)

Authored by Dr Caroline Wood Chart.PR, this report explores how evidence and information can be communicated to policy makers through many different means – from briefing papers to social media – and which of these are most effective in getting their attention. It includes data and interviews with policy makers about what features and formats make an information source most useful, from a policy making perspective.

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What does news media mean to Gen Z?: An investigation into the media habits of Gen Z in the UK (Feb 2024)

Authored by Rebecca Roberts, this research delves into Gen Z's unique news consumption habits, highlighting their preferences for a 'social first' news journey that has led to the rise of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube as this generation's primary news sources. It concludes that, to engage this new audience, traditional news outlets must evolve their offerings to match Gen Z's changing news touchpoints and shifting patterns of discovery.

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Fish out of water: the experience of PR practitioners from lower socio-economic backgrounds, why it matters and what we can do about it (Feb 2024)

Authored by Caitlin Plunket-Reilly, this study delves into the systemic barriers to entry and progression within the profession encountered by PR practitioners from lower socio-economic barriers and the particular characteristics of the industry that make it feel impenetrable. 
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Two accompanying toolkits have been published alongside the research. The first is a 'one-stop shop' for PR practitioners from lower socio-economic backgrounds to access resources on navigating recruitment, mentoring programmes, and wider support. The second toolkit is aimed at employers to support them in increasing socio-economic diversity in their organisations.
Download the toolkit for practitioners.
Download the toolkit for employers.


From Muckraking to Metaverse: 100 years of public relations education – learning for India (Feb 2024)

Authored by Noumaan Qureshi, this research examines the evolution of PR education amidst India's socio-economic shifts, exploring the impact of technology, globalization, and cultural diversity on PR practices, and offering insights for aligning PR education with future challenges.

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2021 Reports

Stuart Baird FCIPR, Director BakerBaird Communications was a recipient of the PR Research Fund in 2021 and has produced the report, 'Levelling up the public relations profession' with the support of Elizabeth Bridgen MCIPR, Principal Lecturer, Public Relations, Sheffield Hallam University. 

Download the full research paper, ‘Levelling up the public relations profession’ 

Martin Turner Found.Chart.PR, MCIPR, also a 2021 Research Fund recipient published his research into 'PR in a pluralistic society' in 2022. 



Download a short guide to his paper - 'Insight: PR in a Pluralistic society '
Download the full research paper - 'Accessing public conversations: PR in a pluralistic society