Grammar & proofreading skills

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Course aim
In a busy PR and comms environment, it’s easy to rush our writing and hit ‘send’ unaware of embarrassing typos and grammar mistakes. This practical workshop is packed with examples and exercises that help you understand the important rules of grammar and punctuation. You’ll learn handy tips which will help you remember them so you can avoid the common mistakes as you write. And you’ll learn how to proofread effectively so you can quickly spot and correct any errors in your work.

Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to improve or refresh their grammar and proofreading skills. The session is also useful for people who need to give feedback on other people’s writing, know something is wrong, but can’t explain exactly what.  

What to expect

  • A fun learning environment that’s nothing like primary school
  • Handy ways to remember the rules so you can understand (and remember) them easily
  • Lots of grammar and proofreading exercises so you can practise what you learn

Course objectives
At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Write clearly and concisely
    • Construct sentences correctly to avoid ambiguity
    • Use punctuation (including semicolons and apostrophes) correctly
    • Understand the role of different parts of speech
    • Understand the importance of subject, verbs and objects
    • Make verbs agree with subjects
    • Choose the correct pronoun
    • Recognise and use problem words correctly
    • Work with style and editorial guides
  • Proofread more quickly and effectively
    • Mark up documents in printed and electronic form
    • Avoid the five most common proofreading mistakes
    • Spot and correct common grammatical errors

09/11/2021 09:30 - 15:30
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