ready, steady, go!

January 20, 2021 
CIPR Inside Chair, Martin Flegg outlines the plan for 2021 following the first committee meeting including some big themes.

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January 9, 2020 
This year our committee includes existing members from 2020, some of who have been with us for a few years, and we are also welcoming a number of new committee members.

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November 23, 2020 
When the 2020 line-up of Formula One drivers were asked how they’d describe their sport to a five year old, there were many different responses and explanations - but they all had a similar theme.

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The big social media mistake you're almost definitely making

November 19, 2020 
As freelancers and small biz owners, we have a love–hate relationship with social media. On the one hand, it’s a vital source of connection, information, and even business. On the other hand...

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Why it is time to 'read the air' in IC

August 20, 2020 
When an animal comes out of their home, they quite literally smell the air.  Whiskers twitching on full detection mode, they use all their senses to establish whether it is safe to come out.

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Stepping up July 2020 event summary

August 11, 2020 
Missed our July Stepping Up session for execs and officers?  Here’s a summary of the conversation with Dan Holden, Helen Chown and Sara Tehrani.

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Virtual working - the great equaliser

July  29, 2020 

Before the now infamous year of 2020, it seemed that in internal communication, it was a constant uphill battle to convince stakeholders of two things...

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July  22, 2020 

As the world copes with the pandemic and green shoots of recovery emerge, there are key trends, issues and opportunities related to employees’ experiences that organizations face into.  The impact of COVID-19 on employees’ experiences....


Developing skills outside your role

July  6, 2020 

Although it might seem logical to focus our professional development according to the demands of our current roles, the responsibilities we have outside of work can give us a broader perspective and help to develop our skillsets...

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Focus on the journey and the rest will follow: Internal Comms in the Staff Journey

June  29, 2020 

Employee engagement is a hotly debated topic in internal communications. We know that engagement leads to retention, job satisfaction, pride and advocacy but how should internal communicators strategically plan for these goals? 



Your chartership questions answered

June 17, 2020 
More internal comms and PR professionals are getting Chartered. In the latest and the first online assessment four more practitioners took the plunge and passed. The CIPR Inside committee has a few members who are Chartered and together...


Covid-19 inspires a joining of forces: Internal communications and employer branding

June 17, 2020 

While many employees across the globe are working from home, the role of internal communications and employer branding has been strengthening to deliver what people need to make the best of the situation that companies currently face...

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Listen like you've never listened before

June 16, 2020 

COVID-19 has sped up the rate at which organisations are adopting new, online ways of listening to employees and listening will continue to grow in importance to connect people to organisations...

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Using Microsoft Teams live events to enable effective leadership communication

June 9, 2020 

The impact of Covid-19 has created huge uncertainty and emotional disruption. With information hard to come by, and so many unknowns and inconsistencies, people have an increased desire...

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Research Report 2019: Measurement and ROI for Internal Communication

June 6, 2020 

For many years I’ve heard IC professionals struggle to make a significant mark in their business and leaders have not used the function appropriately. Measurement gives us the opportunity to finally prove....

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change COMMUNICATION principles

June 4, 2020 

A couple of weeks ago we hosted an insightful change comms event with Cécile Jenkins, Sara Hirsch, Jo Twiselton and Paul Breakwell. The evening was full of top tips and advice which inspired one of our attendees, Paul Harrison...

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Five learnings from my first 100 days in internal comms

June 3, 2020 

I’m Charlotte, 23-years-old and living in Cambridgeshire. I’ve been working in internal comms for eight months now. After finishing my Geography degree (and doing what any good ....

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Finding my rhythm in resilience 

27 May, 2020 

At the Public Relations Society of America Employee Communications annual conference Connect in May 2019, I listened to laudable case studies from numerous speakers. While I relished hearing....

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Chartered assessment for the remote world

 May 25, 2020
There's a growing community of Chartered Public Relations Practitioners within CIPR. The latest assessment was completed online...

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Practise what you preach this Mental Health Awareness week

May 18, 2020
In recognition of Mental Health Awareness week, Rebecca Murch, Head of Internal Communications…



Rebel ideas by matthew Syed - #icbookclub review

May 2, 2020
CIPR Inside committee members Helen Chown and Dan Holden share their thoughts from the April…

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Trudy Lewis "Change and communication"

May 15, 2019
I keep hearing a statistic that as a communications professional I find alarming, that 70 percent of change programmes fail.


Virtual communications for humans - Top tips for keeping connected

April 23, 2020
I was talking to my 12 year old about the trouble of communicating electronically....



Guidance for communicating a death in service

April 16, 2020
This guidance will support communication activity associated with the death in service of a colleague. It includes steps for communication between the company and the individual’s family.....



Guidance on communicating to furloughed employees

April 2, 2020
Some organisations across the U.K have started to furlough employees and questions are being asked on what can and can’t be communicated to these employees..



You can't pour from an empty jug, webinar summary

Mar 19, 2020
On Tuesday 17 March committee members Padraic Knox, Leanne Ehren were joined by Sally Northeast to host our ‘Communicators, you can’t pour from an empty jug’ webinar.


10 ways to complete CPD

Feb 22, 2020
If you are a CIPR member, you will have seen the emails and social media posts encouraging you to complete your CPD.....



Changing the face of the communications sector

Dec 2, 2019
On Friday 29 November the first ever BME PR Pros conference was held in London, we just had to get the inside knowledge on the key takeaways from the day.....



Changing the conversation, 3 weeks on

Oct 31, 2019
Earlier this month we hosted our Internal Comms conference, o
ne of the attendees on the day was Hannah Claffey, Senior Comms Officer at Newport City Homes...



Are you ready to change the conversation about internal communications?

Oct 26, 2019
On Tuesday 8 October we welcomed more than 130 internal communicators to the spectacular Birmingham Town Hall. The day focused on ‘Changing The Conversation’ and...



Learn to create video content for the web

Sept 11, 2019
Creating high-quality videos is much easier nowadays, thanks to smartphone technology and editing apps, many of which are free to download. CIPR runs a two-day course that shows you how to make professional looking videos...



How to ace your CIPR Internal Communications qualification

July 6, 2019
Noel Armstrong shares some tips on what you can do to get the most out of your course, improve your chances of passing and achieving top marks; as well as networking, choosing a topic for your assignment, finding support, and managing your time effectively.



What can internal comms Pros do about the mental health of the comms industry?

April 8, 2019
We all know that comms is stressful. To-do ists as long as your arm, sky high expectations, senior stakeholders breathing down your neck. These can all be motivating factors at times, but if you experience these sorts of pressures for too long....